Spring Program
  • Buff and Wax
  • Complete Detail
  • Bottom Painting and Washing
    (If Needed)
Summer Program
Fall Program


The Boat Doctor has many years of experience and has wrapped thousands of boats. Shrink wrapping is a highly recommended and affordable way to protect your boat.

There are several advantages:

  1. Your boat is protected from the sun as the shrink wrap blocks out UV rays.
  2. The snow slides off the shrink wrap so there is no weight or ice build-up on your boat.
  3. Shrink wrap keeps the elements out and your boat is ventilated so that air can move through it.
  4. Your boat can be shrink wrapped in the water or on dry dock.
  5. Shrink wrapping is affordable; plastic canvas covers deteriorate and have to be replaced.
  6. Fully Insured.